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Oh my god I am a Swede

Avant de partir... Before I leave

3 Juillet 2014, 18:21pm

Publié par Diane

I just want to make you guys aware of what is happening in Sweden...

When I arrived in Sweden, I didn't know why I had Guatanamera all the time in my mind. Then I discovered that commercial about recycling was often on TV. You can see by yourself. Smart ass these swedish, they suggest that Guatanamera sounded like Pantamera, which means recycling.

I let you enjoy what is on TV at least twice a hour.

I just want to add that Sweden is champion of recycling. Last year, they burn so much trash that they had to import from other country (mostly from Norway) (Joakim just added that these people had too much money to take care off their trash) to provide energy.

There is a recycling station in every supermarket, even the small one in the city centrum, when you can echange your empty plastic bottle and tin can against money. We also have in our flat at least 4 differents trash bag, and after three months I still have no idea where goes the top of our glass jar. I let Joakim do.

We also have a paper bag, especially for organic trash: food, plants, dog's poo. Oh yeah. Joakim's parents almost get a fee because they didn't throw the dog poo in the good trash.

Anyway, Sweden is champion of recycling, as always Sweden wants to be the best in every category. But they are not, and I can see it on Joakim's face when I do the victory dance after every France's victory in football wolrdcup!

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